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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I take a look at the kitchen?

Bring a copy of your food manager's certificate and sign in at the front desk, Tuesday through Saturday 12pm to 4pm.  A staff member will show you the kitchen we rent out to other food businesses. Please be respectful of any group using the kitchen at that time.

What do I need to do to register to use the commercial kitchen​​?

You need to provide copies of your food manager's certificate, insurance, sign a kitchen rental agreement (copy hereand pay for your rental hours

I've submitted all my paperwork, when can I start using the kitchen​​

Once all your paperwork is complete and paid for your rental plan, you can book and use the kitchen here

How do I keep track of my hours used?

Hours of kitchen use are tracked when you make your booking.  It is your responsibility to properly estimate how many hours you need the kitchen for including cleanup.  Although we can track hours used based on the booking calendar, the motion and door sensors as well as cameras on the premises, we firmly believe everyone coming in to use the kitchen will be honest and professional.

What do I do when I've used up all the hours in my package? 

If you've used up all your hours, you are welcome to buy another package for more hours.

Can I store items at the kitchen?

Kitchen storage is limited. If you do not have an assigned shelf in the dry storage area, the cooler or the freezer, please do not leave items in the kitchen, cooler or freezer.  Every item left at the kitchen must fit onto your assigned shelf.  Tubs, boxes, bags, utensils, produce, food items etc left on the floor or table in the kitchen, dry storage area or the tasting area will be disposed of at the end of the day.  Kindly take all your property home with you.

Can I bring my heavy duty commercial equipment to the kitchen?

At this time we no longer allow clients to bring in their own commercial equipment to the kitchen.  Exceptions are possible but unusual.  Handheld /countertop equipment that are required for your productions needs are welcome.  Please do not leave your equipment at the kitchen unless it's on your assigned shelf.


Will there be more equipment coming into the kitchen?

We are always looking to improve the kitchen space.   Based on the needs of all clients and our annual budget, we will from time to time add to or update equipment in the kitchen.  You are welcome to make suggestions which will be taken into account when such decisions are made.

Can I have a popup on the premises? 

A popup restaurant is possible for current kitchen members only.  Send proposals to kitchen@justvanillaco.com

I don't understand why there is a cleaning charge on my account

If you leave a mess in the kitchen a cleaning service must be called in to clean the kitchen before the next group comes in.  On call cleaning is expensive and the charge will be passed on to you.

I don't understand why there is a service charge on my account

If you put food down the drain and clog the pipes, or place hot food in the cooler or freezer, the charges involved in repairs will be passed on to you.  Kindly be mindful that repairing commercial equipment is expensive.

How far ahead can I book the kitchen?

Bookings can be made up to 3 months ahead of time.

Can I have mail or other items delivered to the kitchen?


Produce for members under the Gold Pro package can be delivered to the kitchen by food supply companies such as Sysco/GFS that we have accounts with. All other  mail/deliveries will be returned or rejected.  Just Vanilla staff cannot engage in any aspect of your business for liability reasons, see rental agreement. 

Can I use your address on my advertising material?


Can I use your address on my Uber Eats/Postmate/Door Dash account?


Can I have clients pick up from the kitchen?

While you are at the kitchen, your clients are welcome to visit with you.  Just Vanilla staff are not allowed to engage in any aspect of your business for liability reasons, see rental agreement for details.

I need the kitchen license for a job I have coming up?

Send the following information to us at kitchen@justvanillaco.com - Name of event,  date of event, name of contact person, phone number and email of contact person.